Brexily at a Glance

Brexily at a Glance


Ever since the first cryptocurrency went mainstream in 2009, we have seen a variety of use cases built around the very tech. Particularly after 2017’s BTC hype, the industry has started taking a new shape, and the latest use cases, such as crypto exchanges, come with several ingenious features, enabling us to utilize these tokens in our daily lives, just as conveniently FIAT.

In this article, we will explore how Brexily, an exchange introduced by Everus, sets an entirely different tone in the crypto industry by rolling out several ‘awaited’ and in-demand features.

Brexily at a Glance

Sign up Rewards

There are plenty of crypto exchanges out there in the market, so why should you open an account at Brexily? Well, we’ll explore that gradually, but to begin with, our platform offers you a decent bonus the moment you sign up. Contrary to our competitors that either does not provide any sign-up incentives or demand you to bring business in order to earn a reward, we take an entirely different road! Therefore, our users, particularly the newbies, can have sort of a ‘seed fund’ to learn and begin crypto trading before making it a full-time earning stream.

Brexily at a Glance

Free Trading

Many platforms claim to be offering a lower transaction fee, right? Well, even though we do that as well, it’s quite mainstream these days. Therefore, apart from promising a lower transaction fee, Brexily does not charge you a cent if you trade with an EVR pair. It does not only allow you to make more money but also incentivizes the traders to use our token so that its value keeps rising, and the development team continues rolling out lucrative solutions for the community.

Brexily at a Glance

Multi-layer Security

In the beginning, we bragged a bit about the progress of the crypto industry in the last two years. Well, despite this fact, there have been some serious cybersecurity events during this time. Exchanges and individuals have lost billions of dollars due to pathetic security measures on the part of the platforms. In order to address this issue at a primary level, Brexily has implemented 2 Factor Authentication. Therefore, if a user tries to gain access to the exchange platform, he must prove the identity by two different means so the system knows that only the authorized person is trying to access the account.


Usually, after entering the login credentials, either of the following methods can be utilized to pass the second layer of ID verification:

1. Click the email link / Re-enter the coder provided in the email
2. Re-enter the code sent to your phone
3. Use a 3rd party application (e.g. Google Authenticator) to re-enter the secret code

Brexily at a Glance

Multiple Payment Options

We understand that our customers have different social and economic backgrounds with varying preferences as well. Moreover, for some of you, Brexily might be the first experience of a crypto exchange.

Since this is an entirely different market from FIAT, we have decided to provide extensive feasibility. Therefore, with our multiple payment methods, you have the liberty to buy cryptocurrencies with either your credit card or current wallet balance. Apart from the fact that some people don’t have crypto tokens initially to start trading, plenty of people do not simply like to use them for purchases at all. So, Brexily takes care of a wide customer base by giving you the liberty to choose your favourite option.

Note: All credit cards are accepted and charged as per standard rates. However, no transaction charges are applied to the pairs of EVR, as explained in the beginning.
Brexily at a Glance

Crypto Marketplace

This is where we elevate the entire game. While offering the core services of exchange, Brexily nests a huge marketplace as well where you could buy flights, pay off your bills and do a lot of other payment-related stuff with cryptocurrencies. If you want to look at the utility, just keep Amazon and flight booking websites in mind. Basically, these are marketplaces, but in today’s landscape, the feasibility is limited.

Please note that some of you might feel we have fewer products in the marketplace, but it just marks the beginning of great feasibility, and we will continue adding more products.

Brexily at a Glance

Referral System

This is yet another advanced feature that Brexily has implemented. Instead of just opting for a mainstream referral system, we have introduced a team/community module. With this feature, our users can build a team for up to 10 levels and earn rewards for each of them. Moreover, you also get 80% of the crypto back for your trading fee.

However, it is worth noticing that this offer is quite limited, and you must sign up before 30th April 2020 to take perks of this feature.

Brexily at a Glance

Crypto Debit Card

Converting your cryptocurrency assets into USD, EURO and GBP have never been easier with the crypto debit card. Available in both Virtual and Physical Cards and accepted worldwide in over 100 countries across 2500 banks, this debit card provides users with the ability to shop and spend both online and in retail stores.

As part of our rewards program, users will benefit from additional rewards and cashback when using the debit card to shop with selected partner merchants.


Therefore, it is pretty evident that while we basically offer a crypto exchange, the associated use cases and security measures make us stand out of the competition. In the long run, Brexily is the only practical and lucrative platform in the industry, especially for the newbies.

Brexily at a Glance
Brexily at a Glance



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