User-Friendly Crypto Exchange Boosting the Customer Experience


With over 500 cryptocurrency exchanges available globally today for users to choose from, the most commonly asked question which arises from those new to cryptocurrency and seeking to invest are “Which cryptocurrency exchange should I use and what’s the difference?”

Understanding the benefits of one cryptocurrency exchange platform over another is vital when trading assets of any kind, especially assets such as cryptocurrency which are still in the early stages of mass adoption and market acceptance globally.

Developed by Everus Technologies and set for launch in May 2020, Brexily has been in planning for over 2 years and is already set to benefit from the existing community of 100,000 Everus wallets users globally, Many whom have been demanding for this platform for a long time.

Brexily has always been on the Everus roadmap since the launch of Everus World in 2017. Developed with the primary goal of filling the existing gap faced by current exchanges with an attempt to solve not all but, most of the issues while simultaneously offering more than just a mere trading experience.

To understand more about how Brexily compares to other leading exchanges, let’s take a look at some of the key features available:

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A New User Experience


Cryptocurrency exchanges all offer a fundamental platform to trade and exchange cryptocurrency but few exchanges provide additional features outside of Buying/Selling of tokens. Brexily envisioned a trading platform to be different than what it is today. Apart from trading across 100 pairs of cryptocurrency with low fees, high-security measures, community rewards, and multiple payment options with debit/credit and bank transfers, Brexily offers an online crypto marketplace.

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Extending the usability of crypto on the same platform of procuring the said crypto is made possible on Brexily. Users are able to utilize their crypto to complete bill and utility payments, make hotel and flight bookings, buy groceries and trendy clothes, keeping up to date with the latest gadgets and so much more. What’s more, Brexily issues their very own prepaid debit card that enables the storing of crypto and converting the crypto to fiat when making payments on merchant’s store.

A Promising Future for Brexily


“We see Brexily as a breath of fresh air for the crypto market especially users who are new to trading and lack the knowledge and understanding to use many of the features offered by most cryptocurrency exchanges today.” -Srinivas Oddati, CEO

The added benefit of the user-friendly interface is specifically targeted to those new in trading. For this reason, Brexily’s simple platform with an easy way to trade acts as a warm welcoming mat in hopes to absorb non-crypto users. With easy-to-read resources that provides a step-by-step guide to trade, surely, trading on Brexily will be a breeze. 

Launching on the 1st of May 2020, Brexily is set to revolutionize the norms of cryptocurrency exchange by creating a new user experience.  At the moment, Brexily is already receiving major sign-ups across the globe which shows a promising future for Brexily.

Visit and sign up today to enjoy a welcoming bonus, available for a limited time only. 

User-Friendly Crypto Exchange Boosting the Customer Experience
User-Friendly Crypto Exchange Boosting the Customer Experience



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