Smart Deals on Brexily

Smart Deals on Brexily

Brexily, a cryptocurrency exchange platform is getting more exposure with the ongoing special promotions. Set to launch in May, Brexily continues to receive massive favorable responses and signups from every corner of the world. Unlike any exchange platform that offers only a mere trading experience, Brexily envisioned to provide a secure platform for both trading and online marketplace to fully utilize cryptocurrencies.

Brexily, Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

As a blockchain company that prioritizes the worldwide exposure of the blockchain industry, the online marketplace is an important feature for crypto users to be able to spend their digital assets in a safe platform. Users now have an additionaloption to manage their cryptocurrencies on an exchange platform where they are able to trade, store and spend all in one platform. What’s more, Brexily users are able to store their crypto assets in Brexily Prepaid Debit cards and withdraw at any local banks around the world in fiat currency. Brexily has its own layers of unique features waiting to be uncovered and not to mention, the various ongoing special promotions by Brexily.

Here’s a glimpse of  Brexily’s promotions and how you are able to procure it :

  • 10 EVR Airdrops

    Available from 1st February to 30th April, users that sign up for Brexily will be given FREE 10 EVR Airdrops. Simply activate the security features for your profile and you will receive a reward directly into your account.

  • 10 Levels of Referral

    It pays to have friends. Get commission for every person you refer to Brexily. All you need to do is get your friends to sign up for Brexily and you’ll get rewarded. What’s interesting is Brexily’s referral rewards go down to the 10th tier.

  • 80% Cryptoback

    Get rewards for everything that you do on Brexily! 80% of your trading fees gets shared with your very own community which is your referral. Brexily is all about rewarding the community and keeping everyone in circulation.

  • Referral Contest

    Need a fast track to get some extra BTC? Get up to $1,000 worth of BTC through Brexily’s Referral Contest. Simply get 1,000 signups using your unique referral code to stand a chance to win grand prizes worth $1,000 to $500.

  • Trading Contest

    If you’re an active crypto trader, this contest is made for you. Trade a minimum amount of $500USD on Brexily to win up to $3,500 from the monthly contest. What’s more, the contest extends up to 31st December as the ultimate winner that trades the highest value on Brexily gets to walk away with $100,000USD.

If you haven’t, sign up on Brexily now to enjoy these limited offers. Visit and enjoy the special deal offers.

Smart Deals on Brexily
Smart Deals on Brexily



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