AML Policy

Eligibility to use the site

You may view content on the site without registering, but as a condition for certain aspects of the service, you may be required to register on the site and create an account. This process includes selecting a screen name and a password. When creating an account, you represent and warrant all of the following:


  1. Agree to pass through AML/KYC procedures, which may be applied to you according to our internal AML/KYC policies. As a part of such procedures, Brexily reserves the right to request additional information and documents, which are aimed without limitation to identify our user and to prove the source of the funds;
  2. All information you submit is truthful, current, complete and accurate;
  3. Your use of the service does not violate any applicable law or regulation; 
  4. You are at least 18 years of age (or the legal age in your jurisdiction) or have received parental consent and supervision when using the service and your parent or legal guardian also agrees to be bound by this agreement and agrees to be responsible for your use of the service; and
  5. Take responsibility for all activities that occur under your Account.


We reserve the right to terminate your account and your use of the site at any time, for any reason at our sole and absolute discretion.


We reserve the right to apply the generic and/or specific AML/KYC procedure to any particular users, addresses and particular transactions of cryptocurrency assets. You acknowledge and agree that your personal information above will be disclosed to credit reference and fraud prevention and/or financial crime agencies and that these agencies may respond to our inquiries in full as highlighted in our Privacy Policy. During the process of such verification, your account may be frozen for a short period until the completion of this verification process. 


In the circumstance that the verification process failed/cannot be completed, it will be due to:


  1. Technical reason(s), i.e. picture of government ID/selfie is not clear or does not match. You may be requested to restart the whole verification process.
  2. Negative feedback from reporting agencies on records affiliated to money laundering/financing of terrorism. We are authorized to take reasonable and/or necessary steps including but not limited, to freeze your account momentarily or perpetually or until further notice, to terminate your account, or to move all cryptocurrencies/credits in your account/wallet into an escrow account pending further instruction from the authorities, to report your transaction and/or to provide your information to the relevant authorities for their further action.

Any other reason(s) or error not mentioned above, you may email us at [email protected] for further enquiries. We shall respond to you within a reasonable period during working hours and days.

AML Policy
AML Policy



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AML Policy
AML Policy






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Email : [email protected]

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