The principles outlined in Listing/ Delisting Policy (the “Policy”) build a framework of coin listing/delisting principles and procedures applied by Everus Technologies OÜ.


The objective of the Policy is to ensure that Everus Technologies OÜ protects its business and Users by listing only legitimate coins and provides the User with clear and transparent delisting procedure.


Future listings and delistings of coins on the Platform will be based on the guidelines set out in the Policy. Everus Technologies OÜ will consider how each prospective coin that wishes to be listed or should be delisted on the Platform for prescribed reasons complies with the principles below.


*To avoid doubts, words “coin” and “token” used in this Policy interchangeably.




Coin: means a peer-to-peer decentralized digital representation of value (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum, etc).


Token: means a unit of account used to express digital balance in a specific asset.


User: means a person or a legal entity that has an account on the Platform and agrees on Everus Technologies OÜ Terms of Use.


Platform: means an environment created by Everus Technologies OÜ that allows to trade Cryptocurrencies on Everus Technologies OÜ’s official website -




To guarantee maximum protection of user assets, Brexily reserves the right to unlist any token from our exchange, including but not limited to the following reasons:


  1. Project team dismissed
  2. Project facing significant legal issues

III. Operation team of project request unlisting from the exchange based upon its development needs and strategy adjustment.

  1. Technical issue or security issue occurs
  2. Major fraudulent information disclosure
  3. Any other matters that do not meet the requirements of continuing trading


Brexily will give a 30-days notice  in advance to unlist your token and your token holders will have a 60-days period to withdraw their assets from our platform.


Everus Technologies OÜ is committed to protecting the interests of users. Thus every coin/token applied for listing is evaluated in terms of accordance with our requirements, including but not limited to the following:


  1. The coin/token must be based on a solid project run by a reliable and competent team with qualified tech support;
  2. The project must display compliance and be devoid of any policy risks;
  3. The project must provide honest information upon request, including white paper and progress reports.


Delisting Policy
Delisting Policy



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Delisting Policy
Delisting Policy






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